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Professional Gladue Writing and Report Services in Southern Alberta

At Whispering Wolf Communications in Wetaskiwin, we realize there is a shortage of Gladue writers and understand that this has a detrimental effect on keeping Canadian courtrooms accountable. As such, we are committed to telling the client's story, promise to remain consistent in our timely delivery of our reports and guarantee concise reports that get the story right.

We also provide Gladue writing training, mediation and Cree translating services. Call us today to learn more about our education and training courses or how we can write your professional Gladue report.


  • Professional Gladue writing
  • Gladue writing training
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Elder speaking engagements
  • Cree translating services-dialect-specificMediation
  • Education and training specific to justice field

Don’t feel lost in the court system. We can help.

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