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The professionals at Whispering Wolf Communications provide unbiased Gladue report services in Wetaskiwin and the surrounding areas. It is our mission to support and facilitate the Supreme Court of Canada's mandate of Gladue principles for aboriginal people.

Our company was recently established to help alleviate the crisis faced by the justice system in ensuring that time-sensitive Gladue reports are completed. Call us to learn how we can help.

Professional Gladue Writing

Our experienced writers are committed to getting the client's story. We provide service to the court system, lawyers, correctional personnel and First Nations people with Gladue reports. Our professional writers conduct thorough research to ensure recommendations to the court that offer culturally sensitive sentencing options. Our client's aboriginal history is taken into consideration, and that information is used to help avoid racism and discrimination in and out of the criminal law system.

Cultural Awareness and Gladue Writing Training

A shortage of Gladue writers and even those aware of First Nations culture has become a problem in Canadian court systems. As experienced court advocates, we have the credentials to train citizens to have an increased awareness of aboriginal culture that focuses on supporting inclusion within Canadian society.

Why Choose Whispering Wolf Communications?

Serving the aboriginal community, we can be described as:

  • Committed (we make your voice heard)
  • Consistent (we always deliver our reports in a timely manner)
  • Concise (we tell your story properly and effectively)

Learn more about our writing services as well as the courses we offer on how to effectively write Gladue reports that promote fair treatment of aboriginal people.

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